SANRAN Preserved Flower Rose Decoration Never Withered Handmade Fresh Flower Rose with Beautiful Creative Heart Design Gift for Valentine's Day Christmas Anniversary Birthday Thanksgiving (Carnation)

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Color: Carnation

❣Love and happiest of your heart to your KINDEST MOTHER.❣

Youth can fade, crush can eclipse, the tree of friendship can withered, elapse of time brings mother wrinkles, but didn't minus her love a bit. Maternal love is like a circle that has no beginning and no ending, she can be everyone else and yet no one else can take her place. 

Allow an eternal rose to humbly present a spark among your universe of forever love to her, and let her know (I'm sure she knew) you will always love her no matter what happened.

ʚLife is too short to wait and hesitate...Now bravely show your lasting love with our preserved flower roses!ɞ


1. The preserved flower don't need to undertake photosynthesis ,without watering,should avoid direct sunlight.

2. Don't place the delicate flowers in a hostile environment ,such as strong light ,humid corner. dust environment,strong vibration,strong winds ,etc.

3. Flower is a delicate thing, don’t touch, pull or squeeze,avoid falling.

4. It’s not suitable for eat, Keep out of reach of children and pet, to protect them from eating it.

5. When open the product packaging,some of the odors are normal,he will be dissipated in a few days.

6. If dusty, gently brushing away the dust with soft dry brush, or using a hair dryer with cool breeze.


1.Is the Preserved Flower Real Natural flower?’s made from natural superior fresh flowers, use a special technology to save it in soft, fresh and beautiful. No toxic ingredients, No pollen allergy.

2.Is the Preserved Flower dyeing? Yes. performs coloration internally by replacing the cells, using the cosmetics raw material,which is secure and non-toxic.

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