The Metal Foundry 10th Tin 2020 Wedding Anniversary Sundial Gift. Solid Recycled Metal Gift Idea is A Great Present for Him, Her, Parents, Grandparents Or Couple On 10 Years of Marriage

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Finding the perfect wedding anniversary gift can be tough. It has to show true quality, has to be appreciated by him and her, has to be personalized for a special anniversary and most of all needs that WOW factor. So we created our collection of anniversary sundials to make this easy for you as a gift that stands in time.

With all the special named anniversaries covered, from 1st to Diamond, custom text options, size options, and universal text options too, we certainly have all the variations you need. Our signature named anniversary sundials have beautiful wording that shows not only their anniversary year but their marriage year too! So they will think you had your gift specially made for them! Each is also in different colors and metals based on the anniversary they represent.

Worried they will have nowhere to mount it? Well, Worry Not! Each of our standard size sundials comes with a mounting bracket. This means the sundial can be displayed indoors as a gorgeous ornament or outside as a traditional sundial. The custom text option can also be supplied with our tripod pedestal stand.

Here's Why This Sundial Collection Is What You Have Been Looking For:

  • Proudly handmade in England.
  • Cast from solid English Brass or Aluminum, no cheap plastic or resin here.
  • Ideal gift for him, for her, for parents, for grandparents or for a special couple.
  • For any anniversary from 1st to 60th, plus everything in between.
  • Can be mounted indoors as an ornament or mounted outdoors with the compass points as a traditional sundial.
  • Combining, simplicity, elegance and durability, our sundials make wonderful presents that will never date.
  • Personalized text options are available to make it a super special gift.
  • Its dimensions: diameter 160mm (6¼") and height with gnomon 75mm (3").

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tin 10th wedding gift


  • Diameter: 165mm (6¼") Height (With Gnomon): 75mm (3") Weight: 800g
  • It's just the right size! Versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors.

tin 10th wedding gift

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