YWHL Personalized Photo 2D 70mm Crystal Ball with Colorful LED Base Etched Engraved Inside Birthday Girlfriend Gifts

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Color: Customize Gift

Package list:1*70mm Crystal ball 

                      1*LED Base

                      1*Premium gift box

Photo customization process:1.Provide personalized photos(1.Big background photo 2.The higher the photo pixel, the better 3.Light background is best)2.To submit a photo, please select a template. To add text, not too much

Warm Tips:1.Photo text is carved inside the crystal ball

                    2.The 2D engraving effect is black and white

                    3.When the light is not on, the darker the color of the background scenes, photos, text, better, best at night

Text Customization Process:Choose a pattern,Buy a baby,Message note lettering content,Typographic design,Processing,Finished production,Package delivery

LED base:

(1) The light will change colors by itself, you can not control the color.

(2) We sell the base and a micro USB cable, not include the charging plug.

(3) Please use the charging plug whose input less than or equal to 1A.

(4) It takes about 50 minutes to fully charge when you use the socket. Excessive charging will make the base damage.