Zuo Bao 1,5,10,20 Years Later I Still Pick You Key Ring Stainless Steel Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Matching Pendant Keychain Set Couple Jewelry

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Zuo Bao is a professional designs, development, production for the integration of innovative jewelry manufacturer and exporter.

It is our Zuo Bao's rules to control the quality strictly and high standards production, quality is our culture.

1 year anniversary

Perfect Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Matching Keychain Set for Couple

Material: Stainless Steel

√Lead free and nickel free.Anti-allergic

√Doesn’ t rust, change colour or tarnish


√Making it suitable for delicate skin.

1 year anniversary

1 Year Later, I Still Pick You

5 years anniversary

5 Years Later, I Still Pick You

10 years anniversary

10 Years Later, I Still Pick You

20 years anniversary

20 Years Later, I Still Pick You

Wedding Anniversary Gift

Wedding Anniversary Keychain Gift

Grateful that every day we walked together, there is not much temperament, we only hope that we will not forget the original heart, time does not bear you and me. Happy wedding anniversary!